The Study Team

The Detroit ROCS Study Team is responsible for implementing the project, and includes interviewers, phlebotomists, laboratory technicians, data managers, and project coordinators. Several members of our study team have worked on cancer research studies for more than two decades, and all are very passionate about the work that we do.

Interview Team

Left to right: Dave, Kelly, Jihan, Lynda, Karen, YvonneClockwise from top left: Kelly, Lynda, Yvonne, Alicia, Dave


Lab / Phlebotomy Team

Left to right: Emily, Arkeshia, Valerie


Management Team

  Back Row (left to right):

  Randall, Tara, Chrissy, Stephanie, Angie

  Front row (left to right):

  Mary Kate, Ann, Jennifer (not pictured: Julie)


Principal Investigators

Drs. Ann Schwartz and Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer