Detroit Research on Cancer Survivors (ROCS)

Detroit ROCS is a research study on the quality of life and other outcomes in African American cancer survivors who live in Metropolitan Detroit and were recently diagnosed with cancer. 

Before Detroit ROCS, survivorship research was conducted in the form of a pilot study (Cancer Survivorship in Metropolitan Detroit, CSMD) that focused on 1000 white and African American cancer survivors with lung, breast, prostate, or colorectal cancers.

Participants Say:


If you received an invitation to participate in the Detroit ROCS study and would like to complete your survey, please click the link below and use the login information provided in your introduction packet. If you have any questions or would like assistance completing your survey, please Contact Us or call 1-844-729-4854.

In The News

The Detroit ROCS study is the largest study in history to research African American cancer survivors. As such, it has great potential to increase the understanding of factors influencing cancer patients’ survival and quality of life. The launch of this important study was announced in 2017 by the National Cancer Institute and covered in the Detroit Free Press.

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